Omg my birthday is in Briar month, this Sunday actually! So I thought I would write a poem to spellebrate.

Roses are white,

   Violets are white,

Cedar is white,

     Cerise is white,

 Briar is white,



Happy Briar Appreciation month!

Anonymous asked:
Your flicker stream has a bunc of white dolls... White supremacy


Also here’s my Flickr just in case you want to block a white-supremacist like me-

Bye bitches!

Assume what you want about me, I really don’t give a shit honestly. Eat a dick.

Also deleting the bulk of all this garbage because t’s not visually interesting and makes my blog ugly with all the text.

I like Holly O’Hair because redheaded Rapunzels are very rare, and Irish/Scottish characters are especially rare. Also her nerdy personality is cute when rivaled to the typical ‘pretty girl’ expectations. 

I like Apple because she is so obviously flawed in her expectations, and in complete denial of those flaws just like all of her followers. Also I like that her blonde hair (seen as perfect in our society) is actually seen as a flaw in her world because she should have black hair like her mother. I love the way they so accurately represented how hypocritical some people are in their societal expectations and judgements.

I like Cedar because she’s a dark-skinned character that hasn’t been influenced by horrible racist generalizations and how interestingly, her inability to lie is considered a flaw when in our own world, lying is supposed to be wrong- even though most people do it. 

I like Cerise because she’s fucking badass and is a complete contrast from the subservient and graceful image of the typical Red Riding Hood.

I love Briar because she’s a dark skinned girl that talks like a valley girl (an accent usually reserved for preppy white chicks like me) and she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what people think of her risky behavior. Also she’s the one in pink this time- not the token white girl.

I love Blondie’s curiosity and habit of crossing the line’s sometimes. I also love the way she, a blonde, blue eyed girl, is seen is a wannabe loser. Like that blonde wannabe Trixi Tang from Fairly Oddparents.

Maddie is weird as hell and doesn’t give a shit how people see her. I love it.

Mattel Does fuck up with representation of POC in EAH, but they do a good job of paralleling social norms too and they certainly make their characters relate-able. It’s not all bad.

Personally, I like Duchess. Her hideous bangs are gone-yay, and the lavender seems to still be there (I think it’s just the way she’s drawn). The only things I dislike are her corset and the headress. But I can appreciate that her outfit is significantly more detailed and I will never complain about that.

Also I like that she looks a little more asian with the more narrowed eyes.

I bet Satan is really hot.